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Active Perimeter breach deterrent & detection systems are our specialty! For electric high voltage fences, Falcon Electric Fence is definitely the team to talk to. Whether your need is; game fencing, Big 5 fences, domestic wall top, business, commercial or industrial,  we can design a site specific perimeter fence solution right for you.


Quality is never sacrificed. We always choose the leading products and the right materials. We are a  STAFIX  approved installer, and our products and workmanship are all backed by a full guarantee. Falcon Electric Fence is installed by our highly qualified team. Our main goal is to give you prompt efficient service and professional advice.


We are confident we’ll surpass your expectations


Falcon Electric Fence solutions are ideal for protection of outdoor external perimeters, fences, walls, boundaries and roofs. Manufactured from high quality, corrosive resistant material ensures longevity of operation for many years to come.


Contact the Falcon Electric Fence team today for a free no obligation quotation. You can count on us to fully service your fencing needs!


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We are committed to customer service and superior quality! We at Falcon Electric Fence adhere to the highest industry standards and regulations, and believe ourselves to be setting new standards in the electric fence marketplace.


For active perimeter protection in South Africa, we’re the team to talk to! With a goal to exceed your expectations on all fronts: customer service, product knowledge, and technical capabilities, you’ll be impressed by what we can provide to you.


  ROCK SOLID protection! PIECE OF MIND using world-class  STAFIX  Security products 


You can be safe in the knowledge that your fencing system will last the test of time. You’ll always receive a full warranty on parts and Falcon Electric Fence installations.


We Endeavour to stay at the forefront of the fencing industry. If you’re looking for integrity, trust as well as the latest security technology and practices, Falcon Electric Fence can assist you.


Of all technologies designed to protect an external perimeter, no single product comes even close to being as good as electric security fencing. A company can spend thousands of rands on perimeter fencing and gates, only to find that a person can compromise it with a cutter worth a few rand. That’s the truth.






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